6 Widely Used Best Chatting Apps with Strangers

By | January 30, 2019

strangers chat app

Beside online dating website like RSVP Australia and others today we are going to talk about the world of online chatting. Years ago, a website changed the way we used the chatrooms. There was a web portal called Omegle and that allowed people to chat anonymously with others. The portal allowed video chats as well as regular text chats. The main advantage of this chatting platform was that it allowed you to vent out your emotions to anyone without the fear of being judged. With time, there were many other such chatting platforms.

Soon, smartphones became affordable as well as common. To increase the customer base, these platforms also developed an app to support the interface for mobile. You can use multiple apps or you can try different apps. More or less, these apps provide you with similar features but with the different user experience. The main feature of the apps remains to be allowing you to connect with strangers. Some of them allow you to chat anonymously while the others would request you for your identity to chat.

Well our website is about RSVP Login help and we keep you guys update with tips and tips on online dating. This time we thought why not give some online chatting apps clue that are available online. Well we would like to make you guys aware about the online dating tips to consider even while chatting with strangers. Because we never know with whom we will fall in love online.

It is totally your choice to use these apps and you have a lot of different apps that you can use. If you are looking for something different then you are at the right place as we have listed the best apps which you can use to chat with strangers. This is list is updated as per 2019 and hence you don’t have to worry about obsolete apps.

Best Chatting Apps with Strangers

  1. Holla Live (Play Store) – Holla is one of the apps with the highest rating. You can go ahead and download this app from Android Play store. The app has several users and it is one of the best apps for you if you are an introvert. You can swipe on people and match with them as per your interest and the app also lets you connect to the people in your area as well. You can’t keep yourself anonymous here but you can chat with strangers using the app.


  1. Whisper (Play Store) – Another application that you can use to chat with strangers is Whisper. The interface of the app is similar to the Instagram and the app has more than 1 million active users which you can interact and chat with. The app allows you to chat with the strangers who are in the same area or who are in the same age group. You can also choose the interests and find the people with similar interest groups.


  1. Vent (Play Store) – It is quite important to express yourself and as the name of the app suggests, the app lets you vent out your feelings. The app can be used to chat with the people who can chat and advise you as well. The chats are all anonyms and hence you can share any of your problems. However, it is mandatory to verify your email address to join the app.
  1. Rando Chat (Play Store) – As the name suggests, the app lets you chat to the random people. You don’t need to login to the app to use it and it is similar to Omegle. The app also incorporates the features of the snapchat as the app automatically deletes the messages and images as someone reads it. It is quite easy to find a new friend with help of this app as you can also use multiple filters to find the friend.
  1. Rooit (Play Store)– Another popular app on Android Ecosystem is Rooit. This app is also free to use and you can find the users with help of the keywords. The app also lets you play interactive games with the strangers which makes it more engaging to chat with the people and enjoy the experience.
  1. Strangers with Chat (Play Store)– Next on the list is Strangers with Chat and the application is again one of the popular apps with several active users. The application lets you chat with strangers from different nationalities as well. Another best part of the app is that the messages can be deleted after someone reads them. The chatting experience is safe and quite amazing.

These are some of the best apps which you can use to chat with the strangers and they might even help you in finding a date for yourself. Go ahead and download the apps and enjoy chatting to new people. We have also listed the URL of the apps for you so you can simply click on the URL and download the app from Google Play Store.

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