Dating vs Relationship – Exclusive Difference You Should Know

By | February 7, 2019


Dating and Relationship are two terms which are often used interchangeably by the people by the fact is that they both are different things and there is a lot of difference between the two. You might not know this but they are not just two words for the same thing. In this article, we are going to tell you the actual difference between dating and relationship so that you know the difference when you are using the word. This will also ensure that people do not take it in the wrong context and it will prevent a lot of confusion.

So what is the Main Difference Between Dating & Relationship?

There is one main difference between dating and relationship and this difference is all about commitments. So, if we elaborate it, the people in the relationship are committed towards each other. You come into a mutual agreement to see each other exclusively and be partners in good and bad times. There are some things that differentiate dating from the relationship and here are these things below

Mutual Commitment – As mentioned earlier, the real difference between dating and relationship remains to be committed. If I am on a dating site still looking around for match while I claim that I have a girlfriend then, it is wrong to call it a relationship because I am not committed towards that specific person.

Clarity of Thoughts – Clarity of thoughts is again quite important from a relationship perspective. While in a relationship, the person has a clear though f the future. They see their future together and they start planning things. With time, this becomes clearer and they also start getting the sense of responsibilities.

Proper Communication – Another important aspect of relationship vs dating is the proper communication. The communication takes priority in a relationship and it is certainly important to stay connected as well. It is easier to communicate with your partner while you are in a relationship and most of the times this is something missing while you are dating. You feel easy to share your deepest secret with your partner once you enter into that relationship mode.

It is Also about Time – While dating, you do not really promise to give someone your time. You might prioritize your time as per your needs and you might often feel that your friends are more important to you. This changes once you are in a relationship and you end up giving more time to your partner. As the relationship grows, you are expected to give in more time to your partner.

Setting the Expectations – You also end up setting greater expectations in a relationship while this doesn’t happen in dating. While in a relationship, you know that your partner will be there for yourself while this is something which goes missing in dating. Since you are not committed, you don’t know if the person will be available while you need them.

Being Loyal – Next important thing while you are in a relationship is that you need to be loyal. If you are not loyal to your partner then you are not really in a relationship. If you have agreed upon with your partner about seeing others while being in a relationship then you can call it an open relationship. In dating, you are not loyal to the person and you are still looking around on the dating sites for a new match.

Intimacy – This might not be a differentiating factor for everyone as physical intimacy is common while you are dating or even while you are in a relationship. The difference lies in the emotional intimacy. While in dating, you might not be emotionally intimate with each other while this rarely happens in dating. Do not confuse friendship with the relationship as friends can also be emotionally intimate.

The Real Future – The last point of difference again revolves around the commitment. The difference remains to be about the future. As mentioned earlier, in a relationship, you see your future together and you often start planning for your future together. This is always missing in dating and people do not really talk about the future while they are dating.

This was the difference between dating and relationship. If you find yourself somewhere in middle then you have two options. The first option is to clarify with your partner about your present and future and the second option is to give yourself some time and let things settle down. End of the day, it is more about understanding yourself and your feelings. Only get into a commitment after you are sure about your feelings.

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