Don’t Miss These Rules for Online Dating Safety

By | January 24, 2019

Online Dating has really revolutionized the way we interact with the people and find our future soulmate. The dating platforms are adding on new features with every passing day and this has surely made the sites more interesting as well. Every day, millions of people are registering on the dating sites and this is enabling the socially awkward generation to find a partner.

However, there are some safety rules to follow while you go for online dating as these rules will ensure that you stay safe. These are some basic safety precautions and you must follow these so as to ensure that the anti-social elements on Dating Sites do not have a chance to win.


Rules for Online Dating Safety.

  1. Do not immediately Share Phone Number – This is a mistake that most of the people make and ensure that you do not do this. As soon as they match with an online profile, they end up sharing the mobile number. Do not share your numbers immediately and if you feel something is not right then do not take another second to block the phone number.
  2. Background Check – Now it is not possible to go for a complete background check of the date but you can surely go ahead and check the Facebook profile and you can also google the name of your date to verify some of the key details. This will help you in ensuring that the profile is not a fake one.
  3. Do not Share Address – Just like sharing a phone number, do not share your address or any other information that can help the person in establishing your location. Never share live locations and check-in data with anyone until you trust them completely. Also, do not invite people to your house until you know them very well.
  4. Do not Share Financial Details – Dating Platforms had also become a key place where people get conned financially. So, if the person who matched with you is seeking financial information or if he is seeking financial favours then you must block the person immediately. This is surely not true love but it is a way that fraudsters are adapting to these days.
  5. Take time to Trust – We mentioned earlier that do not share your phone number and address until you trust the person and well, this is an add-on to what we have already shared. Ensure that you do not trust someone immediately and you must take your own time to get to know the person. Only plan a date after you know them well enough.
  6. Arrange Your Transport – Next point to consider is for the times when you have planned out a date with the person whom you met on online dating sites. The rule says that do not be dependent on someone to pick you or drop you. This will expose some of the personal information about you and at the same time, it also makes you vulnerable. Ensure that you make arrangements for your own transportation while you are going to meet someone.
  7. Meet in Public Place – Also, do not go ahead and meet in private places. Choose public places where people are present always. For example, you can choose a nice restaurant or you can choose a public centre for that purpose.
  8. Alcohol and Narcotics to be avoided – You must keep the points listed above while planning the date and once you are with your date, ensure that you do not get involved in the narcotics or alcohol. If you choose to drink then you must know your limits and do not go beyond that.
  9. Keep Someone Informed – It is also a good idea to keep someone informed about your date. You can even share your live location with one of your friends so that they are aware of your whereabouts. Set an emergency contact in case of a situation which needs immediate attention.
  10. Trust your Gut Feeling – Last rule to keep in mind is that you must always trust your gut feeling. If you feel that something is wrong and you need to leave then probably something is wrong and you must take leave.

These were some of the rules that you must follow while using online dating services. All these things would ensure that you do not regret your decision to use the Dating Sites and you stay safe while you interact with your prospected partner on the site.

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