Dating on RSVP? Things to Know About a Guy before Dating Him

By | March 6, 2019

Well as RSVP Australia is a dating platform which is online. Dating a guy is a serious decision and there are a lot of things that you must know about him before you really start dating him. This will ensure that he is the right match for getting into a relationship. Noticing the red flags at the beginning of the relationship can help you in saving yourself from a lot of heartaches.

So, we compiled a list of points which you must know about the guy before you start dating him so that you are able to find a perfect match for yourself. Check out these useful tips before login into your rsvp account.

Things to Know About a Guy before Dating Him

  • Background – With so many cases around, it is important to check the criminal record of the guy that you are planning to date. We would recommend you to not to proceed further without completing this check.
  • Habits – Check about the habits of the guy. Check if the guy smokes or drinks regularly. If you are allergic to smoke or if you want a teetotaller then you know what to do.
  • Loyalty Check – This might be too early to check but we would still recommend you to check if the guy is loyal or if he cheated on any of his ex-girlfriends. Again, this could mean a red flag if the guy is not loyal.
  • Current Relationship with Ex-Girlfriends – Often, guys stay in touch with their ex-girlfriends and this is where things can go really wrong. Do not dig into his past but do try to figure out if he is still into his ex. The dating part can also be a rebound.
  • Short Term and Long Term Future Plans – Another important thing to check is his long term and short term plans. This will help you in planning out your future and understanding his stand about the relationship.
  • Daily Schedule – Everyone wishes to have someone who devotes a lot of time to them so we would also recommend you to check the daily schedule of the guy. The reason why we said this is because if you wish to be with someone and if the person has a hectic schedule then it is surely not a match.
  • Interest and Hobbies – Interests and hobbies state a lot about the person. Again, check about this and also check about the physical activity levels of your date. We are sure that you are not looking for a couch potato.
  • Their Idea about a relationship – It would also be worth checking his idea about the serious relationship. This will again help you in understand if the guy is planning long term or if he is just trying to hook up with you.
  • STI and Hygiene – Another important thing that you need to check about the guy is hoy hygienic he is. Check for his nails, cuticles and such similar signs to understand about the Hygiene. Also, ask him about the STI and steer clear if he is suffering from one.
  • Family – You must also check about his family members and check about the type of relationship he shares with his family. This is important to know because you will understand how he would treat you in long term.
  • How they Treat People – Visit the restaurant with him and check how he treats the serving staff in the restaurant. This will give you an idea if he is rude or if he is just pretending to be polite. This is surely one of the most important things on the list.
  • Personal Space – If you are the one who likes to have her own personal space then you must check this with a guy before you start dating. You would surely not want someone who is always insecure and overprotective about you. This will end up on a bad note.
  • Friends Circle – Lastly, check the friend’s circle of the guy. This will give you an idea about the kind of habits that the guy is into. Also, check his behavior when he is with his friends.

These were all the things that you must know about a guy before you start dating him. Well not only in case of RSVP Australia, you can use these tips on any online dating platform. You must note that it is really important to also check about the things that matter to you. For example, if you love to travel then you must know about his opinion about the same so that you can find a travel companion in your boyfriend. If you notice any red flag, it is better to back out and find someone more compatible.

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