Tips for Online Dating Profile You Should Learn About

By | January 25, 2019

tips for online dating profile

There are several online dating platforms available today. Some are specific to the geographical locations and some are specific to the orientation of the person. This way, you find different platforms and each one caters to millions of the online user. One thing that remains the same for all the Online Dating Sites is the online profile of the user. You would surely agree to the fact that the user is first checks the profile of the user before matching or connecting with the person.

This means that the first impression is actually created by the online profile and hence you really need to have a strong online profile in order to get matches on the profile. In this article, we are going to share tips about online dating profile. The tips are mainly around the maintenance of the online dating profile so that you keep getting matches and this will eventually help you in finding your life partner.


  • Profile Pictures – Now when you are looking at someone’s profile, what is the first thing that you notice? We are sure that over 90% of us notice the profile picture of the person and then we look at the picture in the album that is added by the user. In such a case, you must add good pictures on your profile and a lot of people even opt for professional photoshoots so that they can get really good quality photos. This is the first step of creating an impression. With high-end smartphones, it has surely become easy to create such amazing profile pics and win hearts.
  • Introduction – If the profile picture attracts you then what is the next thing that you check? For most of us, the answer would be the introduction or the bio. The point here is that the introduction or the bio should be made an impression. Leaving it blank is a big No and do ensure that there are no grammatical errors in what you have written. The stuff shouldn’t be redundant and if you are able to create an impression with the profile picture and introduction then you are surely winning the heart of the person looking at your online dating profile.
  • Update Regularly – Now job portals and online dating profile share a similar algorithm in terms of the profile selection. The online dating profile will also display your profile in more results if you update it regularly. The ideal duration is once a month. You can make small changes to the profile or change the pictures that you have uploaded on the profile. It may help you in appearing in more search results and hence getting more likes.
  • Interests and Activities – The next thing that you must surely update on the online dating profile is your interests. There are a lot of dating sites which would display the users on basis of the interest they have. Updating the details about the interest can also help you in getting matches or views. Also, do not lie about your interests. Like there are some users might like to listen to music but he might add playing the guitar as his hobby or interest. This is again something that you must not do.
  • Links to Social Media Sites – The problem with most of the online dating profiles is that these sites have some of the fake users or some users who are not really there for dating but for their vested interests. In such a case, there is always a cloud of mistrust when you start using social media sites. There is quite an easy step to get out of this mistrust phase by simply linking your Instagram and Facebook to your dating profile. The advantage of this would be that the user accessing your profile will know that yours is an authentic profile.
  • Contact Information – This is more of a safety tip and it is basically that you must not share all the contact information to everyone on online dating platforms. Share your mobile number only when you are have known your date well.
  • Creating a False Impression – There is one more thing that you should not do. You will find a lot of people who create a false impression about their lifestyle. Like people would update photos with a BMW or an Audi even without owning them. This is basically done to gain attraction and this is something you should avoid. Do not lie and do not lie about your lifestyle even on your profile just to get a match.

These were some of the tips that you can incorporate while updating your online dating profile next time. We are sure that considering these tips will help you in getting more views and more matches.

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